Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sunday 4 October – La Perouse

Current location: La Perouse, Sydney
11.11am, At the beach! This weekend has been stunning – mid-to-high 30s and sunny – so we met our friend Petros and went to the beach early. Andy wanted to take us to a new beach, so we went to La Perouse, which I've never been to, and it was gorgeous! As we were there early, it wasn't that crowded, but also wasn't that sunny, but by the time we left a few hours later, it was packed and boiling!
We spent the afternoon at Sha and Tristan's place, having a swim in their pool, then eating delicious dinner they cooked for all 11 of us, and generally catching up on the lives of all our 20/30-something-year-old friends, with everyone excited that it was a long weekend. Tomorrow is a public holiday, but I have to work sadly (another 38˚C day predicted!) so I left them all to their drinking and went home like a sensible Sunday nighter.

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