Thursday, October 8, 2015

Saturday 26 September - Double the fun

Current location: St Peter's
11.11pm, Goodness knows. Drinking, dancing maybe. Or picking people up to demonstrate our strength? Or taking photots? Or laughing. Definitely laughing. Listening to MMMBop? Eating sausages and a lot of crisps? All these things happened, thank goodness. What a wonderful night at my lovely friends Mia and Gaz's house, where we had an awesome house party. It's been a while since I've been to a house party, and it was so fun! I immediately reverted back to the uni version of me, which involves causing mischief and being silly and drinking whatever is made for me (this time, by Gaz, who I then proceeded to call my 'Spirit Animal' all night). So much fun with funny people. It had been a day of awesome fun too, and my work/netball/life friend Amy's 30th. We went to Clovelly Bowls, and had a BBQ and bowls in the sunshine.
So many of my favourite things today, and my fave people!

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