Friday, October 23, 2015

Saturday 17 October - Parsley Bay

Current location: Alexandria
11.11am, Washing my bike. Despite the fact I ride it almost every day, I don't give my poor bike (Blue Nun) much love. As a result, she's pretty dirty, getting rusty and needs oiling, so i did all that today, and gave her new Spokey Dokes too. 

In the afternoon, the sun was shining, so Andy and I hopped in the car with our friends Mia and Gaz, and headed to a beach I hadn't been to before. Parsley Bay is a harbour beach just along from Rose Bay... and it is beautiful! Great for swimming, it's really calm and has shark nets (something I'm becoming increasingly fond of!), plus lots of room to run around and attempt to do handstands. Our friend Matty and Em were there too, so we had a fab few hours of beach time.

Afterwards, not wanting to end the fun, we all decided to go out for pizza, and as it was a lovely evening, we sat outside Pizza Piatsa and had wine and a lot of laughs. A fab and fun Saturday!

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