Thursday, October 8, 2015

Saturday 3 October – All the beer at the BBQ

Current location: Manly
11.11am, At the beach! We woke up early this morning (surprisingly, considering how late Jess and I stayed up until, listening to crap music and watching strangers' wedding videos on YouTube – don't ask) and then wandered along the shore to a beautiful brekkie place on the water. There was a very cute dalmation dog who wanted to hang out with us too, as we ate our yummy bacon and eggs and toast and tried to stop him snuffling it. It was mid-30s today, so hot and sunny, so we joined the thousands of other people who had the same idea as us of going to the beach, then spent a few hours reading, swimming, sunbathing and loving this part of the world.
In the middle of the day, Andy and I headed back to Sydney and joined our friends at a BBQ, where people had gathered to watch the AFL grand final. Due to the team we were supporting (West Coast Eagles) losing from the get-go, and the fact the TV was inside and the nice weather was outside, we didn't end up watching that much in the end. Instead we drank a lot of beer and laughed a lot at everyone's guilty pleasure song choices, until it was dark, the Eagles had lost, the beer had run out (even after an emergency run to the bottle shop) and we all went home to bed.

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