Monday, August 15, 2011

Saturday 13 August - Hoxton happenings

Current location: Hoxton
11.11pm, Eating Vietnamese food in Hoxton. Andy and I had been watching the bodyboarding championships, as a few of Andy's friends were in it - one even made it to the final! We then made an impromptu decision to head to east London, where our friends were watching the final together at our friend Gav's house Hoxton. A train, a tube, a beer and a jog later and we were there, in time to watch their friend, Ryan Hardy, take a very awesome second place. Second in the world, not bad!

It was also our lovely friend Sarah's birthday so we all sat out on Gav's roof garden, chatted, took photos, ate cake and enjoyed a balmy evening in each other's company, before heading out for some Vietnamese food. Lovely London friends.

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