Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Saturday 27 August - Amsterdam: City of loveliness

Current location: Amsterdam
11.11pm, Eating dinner in Amsterdam! Andy and I came over last night to visit our friend, Colin, (aka the world's most handsome man)... It's been a good few months since we've seen him so we were pretty excited to catch up, and he immediately proved himself to be a good host. When we arrived, the city's bars were beckoning. So we went out for 'a quick drink', which turned into rums, vodkas and whiskeys in some of the city's coolest bars, ending at 5am with a transatlantic phone call and lots of laughter...

...Which turned this morning into a bit of a write-off. But with a hearty lunch inside us, we set off to explore the city is all its rainy glory. The drizzle (and torrential downpours) hampered our cycling plans somewhat, so we bar-hopped and sightsaw and visited markets and tried some of the city's delicacies instead (my favourite being 'Bitterballen' - a mystery meat snack).

Next we headed to a sneaker convention...lots and lots of shoes and lots of cool people wearing them, and met some of Col's friends, including the lovely Laura, whose birthday it was. With a quick stop at home to refresh and refuel, we all met up a couple of hours later at a fab restaurant for Laura's birthday. With the wine flowing and the huge amounts of food to be eaten, we really felt like we were on holiday! Colin's friends were so lovely and funny, and we all carried on the celebrations at a bar where you throw peanut shells on the floor. Strange but true. Pretty big fan of my first day (and nights) in the Dam.

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