Friday, August 26, 2011

Wednesday 24 August - The best book club!

Current location: Lewisham
11.11pm, Walking in my door. I had just (literally, at 11.11pm) got back from Angel, where I had been for book club. I bloody love my book club. It's made up of a fluctuating number of friends – between between five and eight of us – that all met on our Master's course about three years ago. I love these girls very much, and I am so proud of what they have all done and where their careers have taken them since we graduated.

Not only awesome in their careers, however, these girls are awesome in general life. We've been meeting up for dinner/wine/overly loud conversations about once month, but found we would often spend a lot of our time talking about books. So we formed a book club.

Now, though, we spend a lot of our book club talking about general life. Well, I say general life, but actually, tonight we covered strippers, poo and fake babies... Anyway, long live book club - I love it!

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