Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sunday 24 July - The only way is Essex

Current location: Ongar
11.11am, Walking in the fields of Essex. It was my first time visiting Essex and I really hadn't realised how beautiful it was before. As we took the dogs for a walk (and Andy's nephews for a bike ride), I felt totally in love with the English countryside.

When we arrived at Andy's sister's house last night, there was a whole host of family to meet, lots of wine to drink and so much delicious food and fun conversation to have. The Kerwin/Lawrence family are a blinking good clan, made even more evident by nephew Will's 11th birthday party today. Complete with a bouncy castle, trampoline and even a swimming pool, Will's BBQ was the stuff of dreams. It was so hot and sunny and, relaxing in the garden with a burger, a spritzer and little puppies running around (well, one little puppy, three medium-sized dogs and two big dogs), I discovered I love Essex.

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  1. Ongar looks very pretty! Love the sepia tone to these photos too.