Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wednesday 20 July - Relight my fire (lantern)

Current location: Lewisham
11.11pm, Going to bed, having just said goodnight and goodbye to Luka. As mentioned before, my lovely housemate is leaving tomorrow to move back to Coventry, so tonight was our last night together. We went to the cinema to watch Bridesmaids (hilarious), and we thought we had the cinema to ourselves. We duly chose the best seats (after trying out a few options), put our feet up and awaited our very own cinema experience. But just before the film (hilarious) started, lots of people came into OUR cinema. How rude. The film was hilarious though... Did I mention that?

After the cinema, we headed home and hung out, feeling a bit sad and then lighting a sky lantern. As we all crouched in the doorway in the rain to light it, it felt a bit like Luka had died, so I suggested singing a hymn but no one went for it. It was very beautiful though as it took off high into the sky, after disentangling itself from some wires. Clever lantern. Then we all ran out into the back garden in our socks and watched it until it had completely disappeared from view. A lovely night, and lovely people.

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