Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thursday 7 July - A proper Cornish weekend

Current location: Penzance, Cornwall
11.11pm, At Mum's book launch for her 8th book, He's After Me. We've all come down for the launch and tonight we celebrated in a bar in Penzance, with wine, speeches, old friends, avid fans and false eyelashes.

Andy and I got the train down with Kate and my niece Ella (who was a beautiful delight all weekend), and the weekend that followed was just as amazing. Andy's parents were visiting Cornwall, so they met Mum and Dad, as well as all my sisters, aunties, uncles and nephews. Some of the highlights of the weekend were:

Cliff walking around Gurnard's Head in the sunshine
Taking my niece and nephews swimming
Eating pasties on the rocks in Mousehole while watching boat races
Dad singeing his eyebrows by pouring petrol on the BBQ to "make it go faster"
Having fresh local sardines for dinner with mine and Andy's parents
Dancing to rubbish music at The Ritz (which used to be a bingo hall) with good friends
Eating my first proper ice cream in about 15 years with Lily by the harbour
Seeing foxes and rabbits in the Englsih countryside
Chatting and laughing with my sisters and parents (Andy's dad: "Is the family always so chatty?!")
Introducing David and Val to the most important people in my life
Going to a charity auction and being outbid by my sister (she was a much worthier winner though)
Eating three pasties in one weekend

It really was the most perfect Cornish weekend and I was sad to leave... Just how it should be really!

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