Monday, July 4, 2011

Thursday 30 June - Arcade Fire – free!

Current location: Hyde Park
11.11pm, Leaving Hyde Park to go home. We'd decided to embrace the beautiful weather we've had recently, and have a post-work picnic. What was best about our Hyde Park picnic (other than Cava and sausage rolls) was that Mumford & Sons and Arcade Fire were playing an open-air concert. We didn't get tickets to go in, but (due to the nature of it being open-air) could hear their entire sets really well. And, because lots of people had the same idea as us, the atmosphere was fab! Another good reason to love London.

On a side note, I have decided to carry on with this blog, having done it every day for a year now. But I will not be updating it every day; instead only when something noteworthy happens (such as listening to one of my favourite bands in the sunshine, for example!). I hope there aren't too many big gaps, as that might be a bit of a sign that I'm not doing enough exciting things!

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