Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Saturday 2 July - St Paul's Carnival

Current location: St Paul's, Bristol
11.11am, At my sister Claire's house in Bristol. Andy and I went to visit for the weekend, which coincided with St Paul's Carnival, a big African Caribbean festival with lots of colour, sound, food and dreadlocks. It was so crazy busy, but so exciting and we fully embraced the Jamaican side of things – with rum, Jamaica cake, ginger beer, dancing and delish Caribbean street food.

Earlier in the day, we'd been to Matt's studio... Matt is Claire's boyfriend, and is also an amazing artist – I especially love his birds stuff (middle picture) and he does some pretty awesome badger pictures too. He let me and Andy go wild with spray paint, resulting in the bottom picture (the swirls and the cat). Not quite as good.

The weekend was so much fun, and on Sunday, we headed to The Farm in Bristol. It's a city farm with lots of animals including little pigs, chicks and some very lovely goats. There's also a pub there, where we sat outside and ate roast dinners to prepare us for our coach journey back to London. Such a fab weekend of showing Bristol off to Andy and spending some quality, funny, time with Claire and Matt again.

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