Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tuesday 13 July - Pimp my ride.

11.11am, I was decorating Schmez!! My bike is called Esmerelda aka Schmezmerelda aka Schmez and, quite simply, I love her. Today I was pimping her so that, right now, she is the finest bike. Flower, lights, bells.

Today, Bree and Nick were meant to go to Paris...but easyJet cancelled their flight. Not the coolest thing. So Bree and I decided to have the best day of all time ever. And we did. We went for coffee in Olibiscotti, our favourite Italian (that happens to be owned by a handsome Italian man), then we discovered a Turkish market and then went to the Jüdischen Museum. Such joy and sadness.
The day was wonderful and, I like to think, made up for the lack of Parisien experiences. Especially because we then went to Peligro and met my Liverpudlian friend, Laura!

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