Monday, July 26, 2010

Saturday 24 July - Daylight dancing

11.11pm, I was in Maria Peligro, our fave Mexican bar, with my ace friends. Sarah had just arrived and we'd so far eaten pizza, drank a lot of wine and had shots (which meant we were going 'out out out' not just 'out'. We demanded that Keno (bar owner and lovely friend) made us bespoke cocktails (aptly named 'Keno's Bar-gain'...get it?!) then suddenly it was 4am and we were on our way to a house party, feeling super proud of ourselves for staying up until the sun came up. A few hours later, after dancing in the living room and chatting in the bedroom, and we were back home while Nick cooked us breakfast sausages (it was 7am after all). Welcome to Berlin Pottsy!

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