Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Saturday 11 February – Oh hi Lauren!

Current location: Alphington, Melbourne
11.11am, Chilling on the sofa. We were at Fionnuala and Linden's watching some Netflix and eating lollies. The best. The kids were all bouncing around somewhere and Andy was doing a great job as babysitter while we all vegged out.
The afternoon brought a lot of excitement, as I'd found out that my WA BFF Lauren and her husband Corey were also in Melbourne for the weekend! How serendipitous! We went into the city to meet them for lunch and it was just so special, getting a bonus bit of catch-up time with my special girl. We didn't want to say bye so we had a little wander/shop and then went for a rooftop drink for a couple more hours. Memories to treasure. Afterwards, Andy and I went to Stomping Ground, a really cool beer hall in Collingwood. It was ace, and all our friends were there amongst the indoor trees, trying the beers and coercing me into having a drink or two. It was a brill afternoon, then we went for another drink with Rochy and Juler to the Yarra Hotel, before heading back to the Quins for nachos, wines and proper good chats. My heart and soul are full.

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