Thursday, February 23, 2017

Wednesday 15 February – Surprise birthday!

Current location: Surry Hills
11.11pm, On the way home from a SURPRISE PARTY! Today is Nick and Andy’s birthday! It started very early, when Andy and I went to Bondi at 5am, in the hope of seeing Tony Hawk (Andy had had a tip-off he’d be there, but he wasn’t). We tried to find somewhere that would sell us coffee, but it was just too early. We had a lovely walk though and then off we went to work for the day, before meeting up for a quiet dinner in the evening, just the two of us. That’s what Andy thought anyway! 

What was actually happening was Nick, Bree, Andy and I met for a quick drink at the Norfolk, while their friends wee sneakily gathering at Fatima’s restaurant across the road. Over we went, and there they all were! Surprise! It was so much fun. We all had a fab night, which included some impromptu belly-dancing, and a lot of laughs. I love these boys, especially my boy. 

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