Thursday, February 23, 2017

Saturday 18 February – So busy, so sporty

Current location: Narrabeen
11.1am, At Sal's house. Yee and I went to visit her and little Billie, who's a month old and very gorgeous (and sleepy!). It was so good to see Sal again, and have a big catch-up wth Yee too. I managed to get home for a very speedy nap, then dashed out to Olympic Park to watch the netball. It's the first game of the new season – Swifts v Giants. I thought I'd be conflicted as to who to cheer for (as my friend Taylah plays for Giants), but it turns out my Swifts support runs deep. It was an amazing and close game, I'm so glad the new season has started!
After the netball, I dashed across Olympic Park to watch the soccer... another Sydney derby (Sydney FC v Western Sydney Wanderers). We were barracking for Sydney but sadly they lost 1-0. It was a fab game though, so much atmosphere. 
We weren't too tired when we left, so we jumped in a cab and headed to our friends' house, Mia and Gaz, where they were having a housewarming, and the drinks were flowing. Some backyard limbo, shots and dancing later, and home we went. 

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