Monday, March 13, 2017

Saturday 11 March – Orange by bike

Current location: Orange
11.11am, Cycling! This morning started early, with Andy and I waking up and going for a walk to Cook Park, which was gorgeous and had a cockatoo in it that could talk! It said: 'Hello cocky!' when you approached. Hilarious. We wandered back to our lovely Airbnb house on Green Lane, and had a yummy omelette brekkie that Andy made for everyone. Then it was time to get on our bikes! 

David and Val had electric bikes, and the four of us had normal bikes... not realising quite how hilly Orange is. We set off in the sunshine, oblivious to what was in store for us... which was a lot of hills, steep ones, quite early on. We made it to the first winery Hedberg Hill (clue's in the name) and rehydrated with a lot of wines overlooking beautiful scenery. The wine tour had begun!

Our next stop was Small Acres Cyder. By the time we managed to get there, we'd almost lost Val, had lost Dave (who zoomed past us unable to stop, thanks to a malfunctioning bike), and were all ready for some food and more drinks. The cider was good and refreshing and the cheeseboard was just what we needed. 

Next stop was Dindima wines, with a very chatty and lovely lady who produced an even more impressive cheeseboard out of nowhere. We stayed there for a while, sampling and enjoying all the wines, before changing our route slightly as the evening was fast approaching. Just up the road was a beaaaaautiful winery called Rowlee, which was family-owned and only opened a cellar door about 18 months ago. We were so happy there looking out at the vines and purchasing lots of their wines!

By the time we got home, there was still a bit of sun to be enjoyed and someone mentioned a 'Goon of Fortune'. Innolcently asking what it was, it led to Andy going out to buy a box of wine, then a game in the back garden that ended with most of us covered in Shiraz and quite piddled. 

We had time for a quick Champagne before we got a cab into town to eat at Mr Lim's, a pretty cute and delish Korean restaurant, to fill up our bellies after surviving/thriving on just cheese and wine today (diet of champions). There was time for one more cocktail at Union Bank, then we headed back home to veg out on the sofa and fall into bed. What a perfect day!

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