Monday, March 13, 2017

Sunday 12 March – Exploring NSW

Current location: Orange
11.11am, Eating an amazing omelette brunch courtesy of Andy (for the second day in a row, thanks love!). We all woke up a little dusty thanks to our epic day today and while Bree and I went off to get coffees from The Agrestic Grocer (where there were giant zucchini, among lots of other lovely things), Andy cooked up a feast and the others got packed up to go. When we left and had picked up all our wines from yesterday from various wineries, we decided to head to Jenolan Caves. I'd never been there before, but Pippa my sister loved them when she came to visit. The Blue Lake was so epic, I loved it, and we had a little walk then made our way to Katoomba for pizza. We finally got back to Sydney at about 8pm, where I got into bed, watched netball, and promptly fell asleep.

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