Monday, March 13, 2017

Saturday 4 March – Maddie and Dan!

Current location: Bowral
11.11pm, Dancing and eating cheese and drinking Champagne and dancing some more and maybe doing the Conga and definitely drinking more Champagne and eating desserts and having the best time. We were at Maddie and Dan's wedding, which was in the beautiful Hopewood House in Bowral. Emily, Andy and I caught the train down this morning, and had a speedy change in the hotel roo while swigging bubbles, then it was time for the wedding. Mads looked absolutely divine, and it was so brilliant to all be together celebrating such a beautiful woman and her wonderful husband. We had a fab time wandering the grounds, trying all the ace cocktails (made by Boston Tom) and loving the speeches and then the dancing! It was a beautiful evening, a really wonderful day, and full of memories to last always.

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