Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Friday 7 August - To Culburra!

Current location: Culburra, NSW
11.11pm, Playing Jenga. Or a Kmart version of Jenga called Tumbling Towers. And my, how the towers tumbled! That may have had something to do with our wine levels and lack of steady hands... 

Seven of us (Bree, Nick, Sha, Tristan, Colin and Christabel and I) were down in Culburra, about two-and-a-half hours south of Sydney, for a weekend away. 

I came down with Sh and Tristan after work, and had the most hilarious journey down, which involved starting a sorority, eating many Cheezels, lots of swearing, a Coles challenge, and some impromptu pizza and wine. The house we arrived at is absolutely insanely gorgeous, and so we all got comfy on the couch, cracked open the wine and the boardgames and settled in for a lazy, lovely weekend. 

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