Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Saturday 1 August - Shores and fores

Current location: Tomakin, NSW
11.11am, On a beach. I'm not sure which one, as today we went on a bit of a drive around and visited a few beaches. It was beautiful weather, especially for winter, and we both felt just so relaxed with nothing to do but wander and potter and explore and hang out. Not setting an alarm this morning was pretty ace!

There's a very cute little village called Mogo, where we found the yummiest ginger scones (almost worth the drive down from Sydney just for these!), then we went back to our apartment for the afternoon; Andy went to play golf and I read my book, then joined him on the course. I've never played golf before – and it definitely showed! My worst was 13 on a par 3 (apparently I play it like hockey instead of golf!) but I managed a double bogey by the end, which Andy told me was good. It was fun though, and I saw a wallaby on the course, which was naturally the highlight!

In the evening, I made us a scrummy dinner (cooking with wine, it's the one thing I can do), then we just had a super chilled night of TV, reading, wine – and I had the bubbliest bubble bath!

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