Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Saturday 8 August - Celebrating Chrissy B

Current location: Culburra, NSW
11.11pm, Probably in a cupboard somewhere. Or maybe under a bed. We were playing Sardines, which, if you haven't played it before, could potentially be a large hole missing in your life. It's a ridiculous game that could not be more fun, especially when you have a giant house that no-one knows, whiskey and some fun-loving individuals.

Tonight we were celebrating Christabel's birthday, which was earlier in the week. We started the day with a beautiful breakfast, thanks to Colin and the birthday girl, then the boys went out surfing while us girls went out for a walk on the beach that our house leads onto. (We have our own private walkway straight onto the sand!) We had a gorgeous stroll and sit and chat, looking out to the sea and just soaking up the sun and revelling in the beauty! We've all had quite a lot going on recently so it's so nice just to take some time out and chill out a bit.

When we got back to the house, we were all up for a lazy afternoon, so a couple of people had a nap or read magazines on the couch, while Sha, Christabel and I attempted yoga (well, Christabel and I attempted yoga; Sha is a freaking yoga machine!).

As the afternoon went on, Tristan and Sha cooked us up an exquisite feast... Crab and prawn polenta and two gourmet salads, which we enjoyed with Champagne and birthday cake... And then it was time for the games. And the drinking. The games, predictably, got sillier, and the drinking continued, and the Sardines got more extreme and the night was awesome.

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