Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sunday 25 December - Christmas!

Current location: Sennen Beach
11.11am, Swimming in the sea! What an unusual Christmas! We had the loveliest morning, having breakfast, opening a couple of presents and then we headed over to Sennen for a quick wintery walk. I packed my swimming costume on the offchance I might fancy a quick dip but, when we got to the beach, we arrived just in time for the annual Christmas Day swim!

Joining in with my friend Rozanne and her family, we all ran and splashed around in the freeeeezing-cold sea, and then ended up being the last out (you can't feel the cold when your whole body is completely numb!).

We rugged up and went home for a big cup of tea and a lot of present opening. Pip, Jo, Vinny and Zac turned up a bit later, and even more presents were opened, before an extravaganza of a Christmas dinner. Eat, open presents, drink, eat, open presents, drink. This carried on until the night-time, when the 'kids' played games (and carried on eating and drinking, and Mum and Dad sought respite in Downton Abbey. A perfect Christmas.

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