Monday, January 30, 2012

Thursday 26 January - The Do, they did!

Current location: Shepherd's Bush
11.11pm, Leaving Bush Hall. If you haven't been to a gig (or wedding, which they also do) there, try and find some excuse. It is one of the most beautiful venues I have been in, with big crystal chandeliers and red velvet decor. Such a fitting venue for one of the most wonderful bands of all time ever: The Do. They are a French-Finnish duo, and sing the loveliest, liveliest, sweetest, most fun songs I have heard in a long time. I'd bought Andy tickets for Christmas and as we headed there after work on Thursday, we were joined by Ruth and Jack, who thought they'd try and get in too. So the four of us danced, cheered, fell in love a little bit and then went to a Wetherspoons that smelt of sick to talk about how amazing the gig was.
(Picture taken from Clash Music)

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