Thursday, June 7, 2012

Saturday 26 May - Cycling the Danube: Day 1

Current location: Munich, Germany
11.11am, Checking in to our hotel. It's holiday time!!!!!!! Today marks the first day of the amazing holiday we have been planning and getting excited about for ages – cycling 320km from Passau to Vienna along the Danube. Andy, his mum and dad and I woke up at 3.30am to begin our journey to the airport, where we were met by Ruth, Jack, Ally and Nicky. Perfect gang. We slept through the flight and then arrived in Munich, where the sun was shining and the excitement levels were rising.

We stayed at the M√ľnchen Adagio Apartments, an apartment hotel in the middle of the city, just a few minutes from the Hauptbahnhof. Staying here would be a really good idea if you were visiting Munich for a few nights or more, as each room has a well-equipped kitchen, so it would save on eating out every night.

As soon as we'd checked in and sorted ourselves out a bit, we headed out to explore the city. Andy and I had been to Munich before and were excited to show it off to everyone else, so we began with heading in to the shopping centre. This was probably a bit of an error, as it was so busy, but the buildings are so beautiful that it was nice to have a bit of a wander around. We reached Viktuelienmmarkt and looked at a man riding a penny farthing and the many stalls selling wurst.

It was still a bit hectic so we carried on walking, and arrived at the Eisbach, a man-made wave that people surf on in the Englischer Garten. Jack and Andy, both being surfers, loved it here and took lots of photos before we moved on to amble through the park and end at the Chinesischer Turm, a Chinese tower that marks the perfect spot to stop for a Stein of beer. By this point, we'd met our friends Nick and Alisa, who live in Munich, so we settled down for a beer, a catch-up and some sunshine.

And there was more to come! Full of beer and a little tired out from the sunshine and early start, we went back to the hotel where we all promptly fell asleep (except for David and Val). When a few of us woke up an hour later, starving, we were feeling in the holiday mood and decided to go for cocktails and dinner. Upon our return to the hotel, everyone was awake so we all piled into Nicky and Ally's room for the start of the Eurovision Song Contest, with drinks treats and lots of opinions about who our favourites were.

Midnight came and went and we all finally went to bed, 21 hours after we woke up. A perfect start to our holiday...

(All pictures © Jack Johns)

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