Thursday, August 3, 2017

Sunday 16 July – The English Riviera

Current location: Brixham
11.11pm, Going to bed too late! I was at Emma's, after a day in Paignton with the family. We had another walk, to Cockington, where we had a coffee and a wander around the crafty shops, then Kate left and the rest of us had lunch and a chat and a walk, then the others left, and Claire and I drank hot chocolate and had more good chats. We have had so many catch-ups this weekend, it's been awesome. I caught the bus to Brixham to see Emma then, and we went for an evening sea swim then had a delicious dinner with Brodie overlooking the sea, where there was a seal and a beautiful sunset. Then we went home and should have gone to bed but instead stayed up having another wine and lots of conversations.

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