Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sunday 23 April – Road trippin' continues

Current location: Nannup, WA
11.11am, Swinging off a 'Higgins St' signpost. Andy and I were driving from Dunsborough to Marbelup (about 400km), and on the way today we managed to stop in Nannup, Manjimup, Denmark, Walpole, William Bay National Park and Albany. Wowsers! There was so much beauty to see today, even if it was raining for a bit of it. The Denmark stop was an impromptu one, to see if our old family friends were in.

The Amesz family were such good friends of ours, who we met when they did an exchange to Cornwall, and were instrumental in setting up our own exchange to Narrogin back in WA. So I popped in, on the off-chance they were in, and Wim (the dad) was there watching the footy! We had a lovely milky coffee and a catch-up, before Andy and I hit the road again and carried on to Albany.

There Andy went skating (in Australia's oldest skate park!) and then we went to Marbelup to my friend Mel's house, where she lives with ehr husband Troy and two kids. Brodie was there too, and the three of us were so happy to see each other. Mel's recently had her second child, so I got lots of baby hugs with little Quinn, while Andy hung out with Ivy and made pizza dough. We ate loads of pizza, sat at the table and talked all night. Then I had the best sleep I've had in so long, the bed was so comfy and all the fresh air might have had something to do with it too!

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