Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Saturday 29 April – All the good times

Current location: NSW
11.11am, On a train on the way back from the Central Coast. We went up to Andy's parents' house last night, and after a delish dinner of roast pork, I had the longest sleep I've had in a long time: 11 hours! When I woke up this morning, I jumped on a train back to the city, and met Jess and Livvy in Circular Quay. We had a walk in the sunshine, then settled down in the Botanical Gardens for a picnic. What a gorgeous day, and so nice to have some time to just catch up on life.
As the afternoon wore on, I went to Camperdown to catch up with my former football team, who were out ecelebrating Chris' birthday, and then Andy and I went to the Vic on the Park pub in Marrickville to have drinks with Juzzy, Karl, Sarah and Tom. So many epic people today!

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