Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Saturday 20 May – All the things, all the drinks

Current location: St Peter's
11.11pm, At Mia's house party. This was the last place I had to be today, after a busy and very fun schedule that went like this:
9.45am, Dr appt
10.30am, Haircut
1pm, Lunch and many coffees with Kara at Mollycoddle in Newtown
4pm, Get ready for Bondi dinner
5.30pm, Get to Willis' house for pre-drinks, with my F45 homies, and have cuddles with baby Hudson
6.30pm, Dinner at Brown Sugar... So yum, so much fun to be around my beautiful close friends
Times get hazy here, but when we left a couple of hours later, Andy and I went to Ashfield for our friend Tamara's 40th birthday... It was 80s-themed, and pretty drunken. An hour or two there, and we left to go to Mia's house party, which was epic and so fun and involved many many drinks and chats

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