Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Friday 21 April – Rochy and Juler's wedding!

Current location: Eveleigh
11.11pm, Dancing dancing dancing. Even though I'm not supposed to be dancing on my dodgy leg, oops! We were at Rochy and Juler's wedding, and were having the best time. The whole Sydney family were there, and we just had the most magical day. It started early, when we woke up in Freo and got on the road to get to the Busselton wedding venue for about 10am. We helped do some setting up, then zoomed off to our Dunsborough home to get ready.
We arrived at the wedding a couple of hours later, and it had been transformed into a beautiful wonderful wonderland. The ceremony was just stunning, with lots of emotion and huge grins from Rochy, who looked unbelievable, the whole way through. The next few hours involved Champagne, chats, catching up with old friends and having D&Ms with the fam. There was such a good vibe and everyone was so happy to be there.
The speeches were the perfect mix of heartfelt and funny, and the food was bloody amazing! So yummy! The evening was a whirlwind of Jenga, more chats, more wines, and a whole lot of dancing, until the bus came to carry us home to Dunsborough.

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