Thursday, April 20, 2017

Saturday 15 April – I love this part of the world

Current location: Wagstaffe
11.11am, Recreating our wedding, just over a year ago! This morning we came over to Wagstaffe, where we had our Aussie lovefest, and met Ducky and two other friends Lara and Ben for coffee (and hot cross buns). It was such a beautiful morning, and Andy had a little swim and we chilled by the beach for a while, and told Lara and Ben where to go for a walk in the afternoon (we suggested Lobster Beach)... Later in the evening, I got a beautiful message from Lara, saying Ben had proposed to her on Lobster Beach (and she said yes!)!!! Best news!

In the afternoon, Andy and I headed back to Sydney, and went to to the park to meet Thimo and Resi for a BBQ/picnic. It was a gorgeous evening, then they came to ours for a couple more drinks (I'm still not drinking but was loving the soda water, ha!) before they headed off and we had an early night.

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