Friday, December 4, 2015

Saturday 21 November – Wine on wheels

Current location: Pokolbin, Hunter Valley
11.11pm, Playing games and drinking tequila. It has been the most awesome day ever, beginning with a scrummy brekky of eggs, avocado, fresh bread and bacon made by Andy, as well as granola and yoghurt and fruit, which we ate outside, with fresh coffee. I felt like we were in France (which may have something to do with the French feel of the place, 'Villa Provence'!).

Full up and ready to start our day of adventuring, we caught a cab to Grapemobile, where we hired bikes. We then had the most epic day of riding from winery to winery, taking in beautiful views, so much good wine and yummy food. Plus fun dogs, awesome scenery, boules, some hilarious 50-somethings, jokes, photoshoots, buying too much and laughing our heads off. It was the best! I highly, highly recommend cycling as a way of getting between the wineries, even if there is a hill or two to conquer, as being out in the countryside and fresh air is the best way to see the vineyards and clear your wine head before going to another tasting.

When we dropped our bikes off (pretty merry and wobbly by this point!), we went back home and had a swim in the pool. Living the dream! The Aussies/Kiwis taught us English/Welshmen how to play Marco Polo, which then led to us playing it for about an hour and not getting any better at it! Going inside to shower and warm up and get ready for the evening, Em and Matty D cooked us an amazing feast, while we read and played some poker and chilled out in our French mansion. We had a very grown-up dinner party, finished off by an incredible cheesecake made by Mia, then we cracked out the games. It turns out the boys do not make a great team! We laughed at them (a lot) then slowly fought off the tiredness until it was time for bed. I love it here!

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