Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tuesday 3 November – Prince of Penzance

Current location: Eveleigh

11.11am, Calling Andy and asking him to put a bet on for me. It's the Melbourne Cup today (the Australian equivalent of the Grand National), and one of the horses was called 'Prince of Penzance' so, being from penzance myself, naturally I stuck $5 on it. I didn't look at the odds, the colours, the fact the jockey was the only woman in the race, the form (why would I?) but just had faith in the name!
We watched the cup at work, and I couldn't bloody believe it when number 19 – Prince of Penzance – romped home to win, making the jockey Michelle Payne, the first female jockey to ever win the Melbourne Cup! So exciting!
Made even more exciting (for me, probably not for Michelle) was when I then found out it was an outsider with odds of 101/1. Woo! Go Penzance.

(I took this picture at lunchtime... It's unrelated to everything, but it's pretty.) 

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