Sunday, November 15, 2015

Saturday 7 November – Bookwurmz on tour #2

Current location: Gerroa
11.11am, On the beach. It was pretty dreary weather but Sha, Jess and I decided to go for a run to blow off the wine cobwebs from last night, and see a bit of the beautiful Seven Mile Beach, which our house overlooks. It was a gorgeous run along the beach, then we went back to the house and had a big brekky and coffee with the others. In the afternoon, we decided to explore nearby Berry (known for its doughnuts, which of course we had to try!) and spent a couple of hours moseying, pottering, wandering. And eating (pies, sausages rolls, juices, and of course the doughnuts). It's such a cute town.

When we came back to the house, we decided to snuggle down and watch a movie (The Holiday), and cracked open the red wine and cheese board. We basically didn;t stop eating or drinking for the next eight hours, as Bree and Jess cooked us an amazing feast (with two desserts) and we made our way through the excessive amount of wine we'd brought. It was such a lovely, girlie night (we even played I Have Never!) and then we tried to get a game of Sardines on the go, but the darkenss and spookiness and hauntedness of the house put paid to that. Such a beauty of a weekend though, with laziness and indulgence and decadence the key components!

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