Thursday, November 5, 2015

Saturday 31 October – Day of fun!

Current location: Alexandria
11.11am, Packing the car, with games and drinks and balloons and so much bunting. Today i am celebrating my 30th birthday with a big picnic in the park!

Magically, miraculously, wonderfully, the rain that has been forecast all week suddenly disappeared this morning, so ager jumping for joy and rejoicing, I ran around Sydney like a madwoman, getting helium balloons blown up, buying ingredients for punch and getting the last-minute bits ready for the day of fun. Just as we were sorting it all out, there was a knock at the door… and my amazing friend Rianne was there!!!! This was a mega shock, because Ri lives in England, not Australia, and the night before I’d been looking at photos on Facebook of her enjoying a holiday in Thailand! The sneaky little lady had jumped on a flight from Thailand and surprised me!! It was the best! I immediately put her to work, of course, chopping up fruit for the punch, then we all hopped in the car and drove to Sydney park for the shenanigans. 

The next hour entailed decorating the part of the park we’d chosen for Day of Fun (the same part where I proposed to Andy, actually).  Every time someone turned up, I thrust a bag of bunting or some streamers at them and, in no time at all, we had the park looking amazing! So decorated and exciting-looking! It really set the scene for an awesome day. 
As more and more people arrived, I changed into my ‘party outfit’, which was gifted to me by Sha… A teeny weeny pair of shorts and matching singlet, ready for me to get active! I also had a beautiful crown… and a personalised netball bib, as did all my ‘family’!! The bibs even had a picture of me doing a star jump on! So good!

With my outfit on, I grabbed my megaphone and began ordering people around! We split up into teams and had an egg-and-spoon relay, then played some cricket, a game of touch rugby, had sack races… the organised fun was endless!
As well as all the awesome games and activities, we had so much relish food to eat, courtesy of my amazing friends and Andy’s parents, who set up an amazing feast. Some of the highlights were salted caramel trifles, sausage and caramelised onion baguettes, chicken drumsticks, a summer fruit platter and a huge and incredible cake made for me by Mia!

We then played ‘egg toss’, where you partner up, play throw-and-catch with an egg, and then take a step back, so you get further and further away. There were a lot of cracked eggs, a lot of cheering, and an amazing distance covered by the two eventual winners, Craig and Matt.
After all the games were done, two teams were tied: blue and yellow. So we did what any group of 30-somethings would do to decide the champions: have a netball shootout!

The blue team (my team!) were crowned eventual winners, and we got little trophies and a lot of glory… And all this before the rain started!
What an amazing party and day of fun!

As the evening came around, about 10 of us went back to our apartment, ordered pizza, and fell into a too-much-sun-and-beer slump, fuelled by carbs, and vegged out for a couple of hours, before I kicked everyone out so I could go to bed. 
What a bloody winner of a day!

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