Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Saturday 24 October – Bookwurmz in Manly

Current location: Manly
11.11am, Walking to Jess' house from the ferry. About once every six months, we have a brunch book club (instead of a wine-y evening book club) at Jess' house, and this morning we all hopped on the boat in the sunshine and went to her house. We feasted on scones and fruit and pastries and pizzas and frittatas and brownies and so many other delish treats, and just about remembered to talk about the book!
In the afternoon, in lieu of going up the coast (thanks to a lack of trains), Bree and I went on a little expedition to Parsley Bay, and spent the afternoon sunbathing on an almost empty beach. Ridiculous!
We caught the bus back to Bree's (feeling like 15-year-olds) then everyone came over in the evening for amazing dinner and drinks. Super Saturday!

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