Thursday, November 5, 2015

Friday 30 October – Lawn bowls and LOLs

Current location: Marrickville
11.11pm, Cycling home from Barefoot Bowls. It was an F45 ‘end of challenge party’ (the challenge being a 9-week attempt to get everyone fit/strong/healthy. I don’t stick to the challenge very well, but my goal was to be able to do five chin-ups… and on my 30th birthday (on Thursday), I did them! They were crap ones, but it still counts!
Anyway, lots of people did much better than me, and managed to reach there goals, and it was really nice to have a party to celebrate that! We played a bit of Barefoot Bowls, drank lots of beers, danced and they gave out awards (I won one for being the social organiser… one of my prizes was a pink netball, which obviously then got thrown around, resulting in glasses breaking. Oops). Then Andy and I cycled/wobbled home.

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