Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday 5 July – Perks of the job

Current location: Rozelle, Sydney
11.11am, Meeting Sharni Layton! Anyone who knows me knows I am a big netball fan, and am a big supporter of the NSW Swifts. One of the star players for the Swifts is a superwoman named Sharni, who is such a legend that she has her own legion of fans, dubbed the 'Sharni Army'! I met her a couple of weeks ago and then, thanks to my job, which runs netball stories every now and then, had the pleasure of interviewing her today.

We went for brunch in Balmain/Rozelle, to About Life, and had a fun and funny hour or so chatting and eating delish food. It was lots more like a chat with a friend than a traditional interview – so much so that, after we'd finished, we decided to go for a little walk and then grab a coffee. She really is one of the most inspiring people I've ever met, and she manages to pack so much into each day, so I was super grateful I got to spend some time with her and find out about some of her upcoming ventures, including Strong Chicks. And she's really fun, so by the time I'd left, it was just like I'd caught up with a friend. It was an absolutely stunning day so when we said goodbye, I rode to the park and spent a couple of hours in the sunshine. Super Sunday!

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