Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday 28 June – Lawrence lunch and family dinner

Current location: Alexandria, Sydney
11.11am, On our way to Nick and Bree's house. Dave and Val had come down for the weekend, so we went for a lovely lunch at Nick and Bree's, and had a catch up with the parents before they head off on a month's caravanning holiday. The food was yummy, as it is whenever Bree cooks, then we headed down to Queens Park to watch Andy play football. His team won 5-0, and I put it all down to his cheer squad!

In the evening, six of our friends came around for 'family dinner', which used to be a bit of a tradition here but all kind of fell apart when everyone moved to new houses. So this was a move to bring it back! I made baked pumpkin risotto, poured out the wine and we all played Cards Against Humanity and forgot about our Sunday night blues!

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