Sunday, July 26, 2015

Saturday 25 July – Go North

Current location: Somewhere in Sydney
11.11am, In the car. Andy was going to play soccer on the Northern Beaches, so Rochy and I decided to hop in the car with him and go to the beach. It was such a beautiful day today, 21˚C and sunny (I love Aussie winters!) so when we dropped him at footy, we headed straight for Curl Curl beach. Rochy's gorgeous little dog Hemi was with us too, so we took him for a walk, then when we realised it wasn't a dog beach, we bundled him into Rochy's bag to get carried along.

As we got to North Curl Curl, it was about lunchtime, so we had a yummy lunch (freekah salad and vegie juice, how very Sydney!) then chilled out on the sand for a couple of hours, chatting, reading trashy magazines (Rochy) and having a cosy nap (me). Someone had prposed to their partner by hiring a plane that spelt out 'Will u marry me' (no question mark) so that kept us entertained for a while, then we had a mocha and wandered back along the beach and up the cliff path. Today was simply stunning!

When we went back to pick Andy up (who by this time had had a few beers and so I had to drive home!) we went home to Sydney then for a biiig pasta dinner. Nick and Bree had been out for dinner with Dave and Val so we met them at Opera Bar for a red wine, then back to Redfern, for a drink at the Bearded Tit, and then home. Bloody rippa of a day!

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