Sunday, July 19, 2015

Saturday 20 June – A quiet night in Brisbane, Karyn-style

Current location: Brisbane, Queensland
11.11pm, Dancing. No idea which one, but in a club in Brisbane. I'd decided, somewhat last-minute, to fly up to Brisbane for the weekend, to combine a couple of things: seeing my lovely friend Karyn, and watching the NSW Swifts in the Grand Final against the Queensland Firebirds. More about this on tomorrow's post, but today was dedicated to Karyn-related fun. Now, if there are two words that go better together than Karyn and Fun, I don't know what they are. Seriously, this girl is all sorts of awesome, and one of those people who you just know you're going to have a good night out with.

So I don't know who we thought we were fooling, when we headed into Brisbane for 'dinner only', then a quiet night. Admittedly, we'd had a couple of wines by then, but we were definitely dressed for a low-key dinner (think Converse, cardigans and scarves). Skip a couple of hours forward and we were throwing our shapes in our third club of the night, owning the dancefloor and getting all sorts of disapproving looks from those who'd really dressed up for their night out! We finally made it home at about 3.30am (the latest I've stayed up in a loooong time), after six clubs, lots of drinks and a cheeseburger spring roll (Yep, that's a thing).

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