Sunday, April 12, 2015

Saturday 11 April – Bree's hen do!

Current location: In the car, Sydney
11.11am, On the way to Bree's house. It's her bride-to-be hen do today! And what a beautiful bride-to-be she is! I got ready with her in Paddington, then a few others arrived and we cabbed over to Rose Bay, to have lunch in the fabulous Catalina. It was such a stunning place to be, right on the water, and the sun even came out for us. The food was absolutely exquisite (I had pork belly, scallops, beef tenderloin and chocolate mousse, although I'm doing it a disservice by calling it that! It was divine and very fancy!). Tatum, one of Bree's bridesmaids, had done an amazing job at making it look so beautiful, and we all felt very proud to be helping someone wonderful celebrate something so lovely.

After Catalina, and a fair amount of champagne, we hopped in an awaiting Party Bus, which was hilarious. It was so old and crappy, but so funny, and we handed out the G&Ts and pumped the tunes and partied under the very old disco lights. Amazing! Soon we were at the Champagne Room, above the Winery, where we drank more, and played some hilarious games. Breezer was just gorgeous all day, and totally embraced all the stuff we made her do (fun stuff!).

The evening was spent as only 18 dressed-up, champagne-fuelled women can spend an evening: at karaoke! Cue three hours of belting out 80s ballads, 90s tunes, Taylor Swift and everything in between. Hoarse throats, sore feet and grinning like madwomen. Love you Breezer.

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