Monday, January 27, 2014

Wednesday 22 January – In pain!

Current location: Eveleigh
11.11am, Trying not to move. I was in so much pain! This morning, very early, I went to my first ever bootcamp session. And it was so hard! I had signed up to go with a bootcamp group but when I turned up this morning, at 6am in the rain, I found they were nowhere to be seen. I was pretty mad but a lovely different group said I could join them. They seemed lovey – until I had to go crazy weights and squats and sprints and things that made me feel sick and like I was going to faint! Bootcamp is so hard! However, I have to to admit that, once it was over, I kind of loved it.

This evening I hobbled down to Circular Quay to meet Jess, David and Val, who had been out for dinner. We enjoyed a glass of wine by the Opera House and I wore my Opera House-inspired ring for the occasion!

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