Sunday, January 19, 2014

Wednesday 15 January – Book Club in Elizabeth Bay

Current location: Elizabeth Bay
11.11am, Emailing. The book club girls were just organising times for tonight's event, which was book club at Sarah's house. We'd just read Burial Rites by Hannah Kent (I finally finished it at lunchtime today) and had a lovely evening out on her balcony discussing it, and other things. I personally didn't enjoy the book at all, which really surprised me because all I've seen so far about it are good reviews. I literally haven't read a single bad, or even mediocre, review yet, but I thought the book was really boring! It's a shame because the plot (based on the true story of the final few months of the last woman to be executed in Iceland, in the 1800s) was so interesting, but I just found the writing so dry. Don't be put off by me though, because everyone else in the world seemed to love it (bar a few of us book-clubbers)!

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