Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday 12 January – City to surf

Current location: The Rocks, Sydney
11.11am, Having a coffee with Robyn and Josh. They're friends from London, who now live in Melbourne, and who've come on a little trip to Sydney this weekend! We had a coffee and a pastry in the courtyard of a cute little French patisserie, and then wandered through the city until we got to Hyde Park. Sydney Festival is on there at the moment, so we had a meander and watched a man blowing bubbles and people queueing to bounce on the giant inflatable Stonehenge. It was a scorcher of a day so we decided to just chill out and watch a band play for a bit (we saw an amaaaaazing ukelele band consisting of four 14-year-olds!). Then we ate dumplings and sat in the outdoor library (great idea!), just catching up and enjoying a nice, slow Sunday.

After a few hours, I said goodbye (Robs and Josh were going back to Melbs) and hopped on a train to the coast. I got there in time for a trip to the beach, where we swam, sunbathed and played bocce until the sun went in and we felt the need to go for a beer and some fish and chips. Life just feels so different up here on the coast, I bloody love it!

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