Thursday, January 16, 2014

Saturday 11 January – From beach to party

Current location: Wollongong 
11.11pm, Chatting to some of Andy's friends. We were at an engagement party of our lovely friends Jase and Gen in Wollongong (about 90 minutes south of Sydney). It was such a beautiful party, and there were lots of people I either didn't know or hadn't seen for ages, so there were lots of good chats to be had! Our friends Charlie and Sydney, who we know from Cornwall/London but who now live on the Gold Coast, had also come to visit for the weekend, along with their German friend Axel, so we had quite the crew!

This morning, before they arrived, I decided to go for a run. It was a scorcher of a day so while Andy went to pick the others up from the airport, I ran to Coogee beach and met them there. It was so hot, but so lovely to be able to plunge straight into the freezing sea at the end of the run! After an hour or two on the beach, we went to meet Nick and Bree in Paddington for a late lunch, and then they went up the coast and we went down the coast for the party. A long, lovely day full of all my favourite things.

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