Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sunday 6 May - A Derbyshire barn dance

Current location: Youlgreave, Derbyshire
11.11pm, Cleaning up and drinking up. Tonight was the Hewitt barn dance and, oh, how we danced. As well as dancing to every song the band played, I also had two very gorgeous girls to play with, Maya, 3, and Naomi, 1. It's quite to hard to barn dance at the best of times (for me) but doing it while carrying a little girl and holding another's hand was something different altogether – but a lot more fun! We all had such a good time and managed to keep ourselves rehydrated with lots of wine.

When the dancing and eating was over, all the 'kids' piled into the back room to start the clean-up, helped along with J├Ągerbombs, courtesy of Dan (youngest Hewitt son).
When everything was looking shipshape, we all wandered back up the hill in the dark to carry on with hours more board games and drinking.

This has been such an amazing weekend. The unbeatable combination of old, good friends, camping, dancing, eating amazing food and getting lots of fresh air in the great outdoors. I was so sad to leave.

(Image taken from Smoo's Barn Dance)

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