Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Saturday 28 April - Back up north

Current location: Chester
11.11pm, At Anita's kitchen table. Anita was my boss when i worked for Candis magazine, a women's magazine based out of Hoylake, Wirral. It was my first job after my Master's and I stayed there for two very happy years before moving to Berlin (and starting this blog among other things). It was my job at Candis that made me realise how much I love subbing (yes I know this makes me sound like a geek) and I was lucky to start my career at a magazine with high standards, and with lovely people. Luckily, every now and then I get to come back and do a bit of freelancing and see everyone again, which is why I am up north this weekend.
I got to Anita's in the afternoon and it wasn't long before the first bottle of wine was opened...we had a fun night, which involved eating, chatting, drinking and...er, moonwalking.

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