Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sunday 22 April - A marathon day

Current location: Embankment, London
11.11am, Eating breakfast on the South Bank and planning where to stand to go and watch runners competing in the London Marathon. We had a few friends running in it so went along to support and cheer. It really is the most incredible atmosphere, like nothing else I've ever experienced. There is so much good feeling, joy and enthusiasm from everyone lining the streets, whether they're holding out sweets for the runners to take, calling out people's names as they walk past or holding up banners to encourage their friends to keep running! And the awesomeness of the crowd is nothing compared to how awesome the runners are. It's such a huge feat to put your body through and we saw lots of people struggling... It's so inspiring to watch tens of thousands of people run, walk, skip, hula-hoop or whatever other way they decided to complete the 26-mile course. I watched with tears in my eyes and cheered until my throat was sore, and was so amazed and proud of everyone that raised loads of money and got so far. Good work, marathoners!

(Picture taken from International Medical Corps)

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